Sunday, May 2, 2021

How to take action at Zendesk tickets on-hold?

Suppose you are in the CompanyX and working on CompanyY's support project using Zendesk.

To find out what action you need to take over those on-hold tickets (Zendesk), please follow these steps

  1. Open each on-hold ticket one-by-one
  2. Look for the associated JIRA ID, because if it is on-hold then it must be waiting for response from 3rd party where in our case 3rd party is CompanyY's engineering team
  3. Watch the status of that JIRA ID
    1. If it is closed, then read the last comment and act accordingly
    2. It it is not closed, then skip it & move forward
  4. Add public reply / internal note based on comment & status of the associated JIRA

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