Sunday, May 2, 2021

How to link commit message with JIRA ticket?

Always prefix your commit message with your JIRA ID for tracking purpose, no matter if you are committing in the feature branch or not.


JIRA-ID: Your commit message will come here

Figure 1: Template for commit message


KAT-108: Added screen-share module
This is required because when you merge the feature branch in develop then the all commits gets listed together and it would become difficult to identify the change and which JIRA ID it is associated with.


If you divert from the template then avoid any character prefixed in the JIRA ID otherwise it becomes un-relatable to JIRA, for e.g.,
  • JIRA can not recognise to relate it with associated JIRA ID, if used like these
    • #AFC-241 ⟶ incorrect
    • $AFC-241 ⟶ incorrect
    • AFC_241 ⟶ incorrect
    • AFC241 ⟶ incorrect
    • AFC-241 ⟶ correct

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