Sunday, May 2, 2021

Creating a Github account for particular project/client

Suppose you are working in CompanyX and you have got project from CompanyY to work upon. Alternatively, it means CompanyY have outsourced a project to CompanyX.

Usually in these scenarios, CompanyY asks the CompanyX's team to create new GitHub accounts specifically dedicated to this project.

So in that case, it would be best practice to create accounts with common prefix which represents the CompanyY in some sense, where you may use short-form of project or CompanyY name, e.g., comy. The other part should represent the team members' name but should hide the identity of that person as well.

For this you may follow the steps given below for creating an account on Github, that would be dedicated to CompanyY

  1. Go to
  2. Register an account with the user-id, specifically made for CompanyY
    1. User id should be comy-first 2 characters of your firstname >< first 2 characters of your lastname >. e.g.,
      1. Peter Parker ⟶ comy-pepa
      2. Tony Stark ⟶ comy-tost
    2. Remember that you need to register the account with email address associated with your CompanyY account, in case you don't have it then you may use your CompanyX email address but as soon as you'll get the CompanyY account, replace it.
  3. Then, go to .
  4. Look for the required project, clone it at your system using Git command-line or Sourcetree app.
  5. After cloning the repository, you may begin to contribute but make sure with Admin whether you have necessary permissions.

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