Sunday, May 2, 2021

How to record screen using FFmpeg Batch software?

Usually we all might have noticed that it is always useful to record a video by capturing screen rather than showing or teaching the same thing again and again to different people.

With this we might have also faced lots of restrictions in installing the right tool.

Also when we search over Internet, it becomes difficult to find out the free and portable version of the software that won't get restricted over our official laptops.

So to overcome these issues I'm providing a great tool to record your screen along with / without audio.

It is FFmpeg Batch AV Converter which is actually using a open-source command-line tool FFmpeg.

So first download it from

Then unzip it inside Program Files directory or similar kind of directory where your other programs reside.

For example, I put it in Programs directory that I made for portable programs. 

Now go inside the FFBatch_2.1.5_Linux_Wine directory, select the FFBatch.exe file, make the shortcut of it and cut-paste it to dashboard.

Now to record the screen with audio

  1. Open the FFBatch app.
  2. Select relevant Presets from the dropdown as shown in snapshot.
  3. Then click on the Record screen button.
  4. Your screen is getting captured continuously after this point along with audio which gets captured from microphone.
  5. At last click on the red cross round button at the bottom to stop the recording. 

After this, a folder will automatically open where the recorded video is saved.

Note that this FFmpeg Batch program is not only to record screen but it can do lot more than that. Just explore it you may find it useful for converting media formats, cropping, editing the media further, etc.

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