Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sleep Cures - 6 Easy to Sleep Tips

"These surprising tips will help you sleep better and prevent insomnia. " 

TV Channel: abc now 

Show: Good Morning America

Title: Ladies home journal sleep cures - 6 easy sleep tips

Guest (Expert) :- Diane Solvatore

  1. Soak up morning sunlight ... supress melatine
  2. Exercise early in the evening ... don't go to exercise 3 hrs before sleep
  3. Dim the light at night ... start dimming light at 8:00 pm & have candlelight dinner
  4. Cover your clock ... its like torture when u know u've to get up after 3 hrs
  5. Perfume your pillow ... aroma therapy have proved it great 
  6. The anti-insomnia kit ... don't put on dance music around, etc. instead read magazine, etc.

Since I got benefited by using these tips. So I decided to share it in my blog. But consider it as my 
notes rather than my article. 

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