Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can a virus attacks via orkut

Guys, r u (orkut users) also getting sick of recieving mails that says "...don't add this particular id to ur frnd list ... it is a VIRUS..." or something like this. 

Then there is a good news for u all. 
Orkut is quite a safe place. 
And there is no way to introduce virus via anybody's profile.

How this Virus Myth came into existence?

Generally, when two guys involve in a feud, then atleast one of them definitely tries to hurt the other one by one or the other way. And guess what's that way? U r right. They broadcast messages like this in their bulletin board. And in orkut they send these types of messages to all of their friends. Sometimes this is not good enough to relief their feudal tension. So they attach a Keyword that is considered like terrorist of the Virtual World ... VIRUS or WORM. And attach a sentence to forward this msg to ur good ones.

Can a virus attacks via orkut?

NO, i.e., a big No. There is no way through which virus can be uploaded in an orkut profile. As there is only attachment service provided is for image and that also support only .jpg, .gif & .png formats with a maximum size limit of 500KB. That also checks if the uploaded file is really an image or any virus is mimicking the image formats. That way u r completely safe. Even now if u r afraid of virus then just do not download any image.

So now u know the reason ... don't be afraid of adding anybody.

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