Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My first self-review of my performance & work in my first job

Below is my email that I'd emailed to my Boss before my first performance review and it was before I got permanent in the G-Cube Solution. It was my first survey of my performance & work to show it to my Boss on 24th May 2007. After reading this email my boss was surprised because nobody (no employee) had ever done this type of work in his life. My boss Kapil Sir with another director Ankit Jain (Hr head) talked to me about this email and many other things with that. The reaction I'd got was just amazing. Have a look at my email that is given below:

I’ve asked people about the cases when someone out of their colleagues got promotion or salary hike then what happened, what type of problems they faced, what was the reaction of their colleagues, etc., before I’d joined the company. And on the basis of those cases, I have analysed this.


Possible problems arise when someone (an employee, say A) gets promotion or salary hike and if their colleagues do not accept that:-


  • colleagues behaviour changes towards A
  • politics gets a root to grow against A


Probable reason behind these problems:-


  • colleagues have doubt on A’s capability
  • colleagues think that they are more capable than A
  • colleagues think that they are equally capable but haven’t get the chance to show their capability
  • colleagues have done an incomplete calculation about A’s ability/performance on their side


Probable solutions for these problems:-


  • they should know, on what basis A’s got this
  • ask them for their views regarding A’s performance if they know anything regarding this


So, I’ve done a survey.


I showed them (my colleagues) my work and asked for their views and few more questions like:-


  • How was this work?
  • What should be its difficulty level in your view?
  • Can you be able to do this in the same time span?
  • What should I expect in return of this from the company?
  • What would you’ve done if you would be my senior/head?


Their replies can be shown via this table:-






Type of work

Good work

Good work

Excellent work

Difficulty level

I don’t know



Can they be able

I’m not sure

I can

I can’t


You know better

Good hike

Good hike


It can also be shown via this diagram:-

  1. I don’t know
  2. I can but don’t want to devote so much time on R&D
  3. I can’t


So by doing this I’ve made them understand my work and they’ve accepted it too.

As per what you had told me yesterday, I think that the problem is now solved at least for my case.

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