Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Orkut is deleting profiles - Myth busted

Hey you all orkut users, as I've came across many messages that says 'Orkut is deleting profiles' or something like that. So I thought to clarify this problem. As many of the users are afraid of this.


Orkut couldn't delete any of the profile without prior notifications. 

I suggest you to see the link given below:-

This link will show you ' Terms of Service'. As per our habbits, we generally ignore to read these things while registering or opening our account. So now give it a look.

In the 'term and termination' section, 

"... We may terminate your membership immediately at any time, for any reason. ..."

is stated. But they can delete the profile "... who does not receive this scrap ..." is ridiculous. 

If they want to see who are using/not using their account then why don't they look the record. In which it is stated that when a user has last login or have done last scrap/msg.


More over do you think that google will go out of resource...

I don't think so!

But yes, ofcourse they can delete profiles that are not in use for a long time. But under 'term and termination' there is no such statement present. So you can guess what does that mean.

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