Sunday, May 2, 2021

How to select Zendesk ticket status?

Suppose you are employed by the CompanyX but working on CompanyY's support project using Zendesk.

So below table would help you to get an idea regarding the logic behind setting the Zendesk ticket status.

Ticket status should beWhen response/action required from
OpenAgents of CompanyY support team
PendingRequester or customer
On HoldCompanyY engineering team
SolvedNo one

You can set any of the above status while submitting a response or after updating the details in the ticket.

How to overcome proxy on command line?

​​Introducing Proxima, by which you can set proxy for that particular session of command-line window.

It authenticates command line program running over corporate proxy.

So this program can be used to set proxy over command-line that usually required on company's networks.

Although the session gets expired once you close the command-line window. 

As it is compatible to Windows 10, so follow these steps to setup/install.


  1. Unzip the zipped file
  2. Copy the proxima.bat file
  3. Paste it inside C:\Windows\System32 path


Here is the sample output for proxima help command

C:\Users\kumarab>proxima help
Proxima    ver 1.0
Copyright 2018 Abhishek Kumar. Licensed under GNU GPL v3.

 proxima [username] [password]

 proxima kumarab abc123
 proxima kumarab abc_123

 Avoid using @ or : in your password
 Using _ would be most suitable for password


Recording screen with VLC player on windows

If you are curious as to how you can start recording your screen using VLC here are the steps involved in finding the record option for your favorite shows.

1. Open up VLC media player and use the view tab to select the advanced controls that you will need to start the capture. Go down to the media tab and then click on the open capture device option. You can also press control + C with the media tab open to do this quickly for recording. This will open up the media dialog box.


2. From the media dialog box you can click the capture device to choose whether or not you would like to pick out capture from a webcam or from your desktop. Set the desktop as your desired capture mode and then you can simply pick out the ideal capture rate for your desktop device.


3. VLC will not automatically record audio or voice. Dou can add voices in the show more options menu however. Be sure when selecting your capture device that you also make an effort to choose the correct frame rate for your project. A standard frame rate could be 25-30 frames per second and the standard frame rate for capture is 10 frames per second on many screen captures. Up the frame rate if you would like smoother video but remember that this can take more processing power with recording.


4. When taking the show more options button you can add audio to play simultaneously along with the recording in the extra media tab. This is an ideal way to create a voiceover for a presentation with pre-recorded audio or to put your video to music.


5. Click on the convert dialog box and created a new profile.


6. This profile will help you to take your video codec options, encoding and the save file location for all of your screen recordings.


7. After setting up these options click save and then click on the start button which will appear at the bottom.


8. When you click the save button VLC will begin recording. You can also use the record and pause button to pause recording as well as the stop button to fully save your video and keep it in the save position you created earlier.