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Why did Vedic Mathematics originated?

What do you think, why did the vedic mathematics originated?

According to the popular beliefs related to Ancient people in Indian sub-continent that since they did not had access to paper or similar material where they can carry out long calculations. So they would require to carry out whole calculations mentally because any kind of calculating machines was out of question in those times.

Well the real reason is way beyond that, which is related to our saints and maharishis of those times. By studying the scriptures of ancient maharishis, we came to know that almost all the maharishis were like scientist and were great yogis.

In ancient India, maharishis used to separate their soul out of their body but still linked to their respective bodies using advanced yoga techniques that might be related to kundalini yoga or something similar.

Similar, soul-out-of-body concept was shown in the "Dr. Strange (2016)" movie that they called astral form.

Soul neither have mass like weight nor have any dimensions like width or height. So being a soul maharishis can go anywhere even inside atom or outside earth. There will be no physical limit.

Now suppose, if you were a soul and you got inside molecule then how would you manage to measure the size of it's atom. The measurement is relative, which means to measure the size of anything, you would require to compare it with its surrounding then by applying the geometrical theorems, you would be able to measure the size of targeted object.

For your ease, you could consider the movie, "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)" where Wayne Szalinski, the inventor tries his best to get his recent invention, a shrinking machine, to work. Things go awry when he accidentally shrinks his children and throws them along with the garbage.

The plot of this movie is very much related to the scenario we are discussing about like when those children became so small that even the ant seems to be size of elephant; in that situation consider measuring the height of those ants or grass they hopped without having a scale or inchtape. Well without having any instrument to measure it would become a lot much difficult task unless you know the Mathematics, in fact Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry to be specific.

Anyways, being a soul you can not write anywhere. So how would you carry out complex calculations like:
  • Size of the atom
  • Speed of electron
  • Mass of nucleus 

Well it would be very difficult for any human being to memorize all the steps of calculations until you get the result, but if you have read vedic mathematics then you would know that it would be relatively much simpler using vedic mathematics.

Some of you might question that why didn't they return back to write their observations somewhere and then again go back as soul to observation. It would be difficult because, even for yogis this whole process takes time. So going back and forth would be out of question.

Thus, they would have to devise mental mathematics techniques to acheive their respective goals.
Now we call that 'Vedic Mathematics', after sadguru sankaracharya first wrote it down in the form of book.

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