Monday, January 13, 2020

Telephone or Mobile number codes

Note: This is an archived article of Dec 4, 2009

You can extract information from the provided mobile/landline number.


If you've mobile, then you'd have definitely faced the situation in which you want to know more about that unknown phone number that is recorded in the missed call list of your mobile. Isn't it?

If you're curious guy and you got a phone number from somewhere that may be of your interest. Then what'll you do? You'll definitely want to extract some kind of information out of it. Right?

Well then be happy guys because I devote this webpage to you!


If you've a mobile number then note down the initial 4 digits. You could know the Service Provider of that number out of it. Plus you could know the local working geographical area of that number.

Go to Indian Mobile Codes tab to extract information out of the provided mobile number.

If you've a landline number then look for the STD code in it. You could know the geographical area of that number from that code.

Go to Indian STD Codes tab to extract information out of the provided landline number.

Enjoy guys!

To open full page view in a separate window, click here Telephone/Mobile Number Codes.

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