Friday, August 30, 2019

Remotely accessing macOS through Windows using VNC

Open System Preferences on your macOS.

Go to Sharing section, mark Screen Sharing and Remote Login as checked.

Click on Computer Settings... button.

Mark VNC viewers may control screen with password: as checked.

Fill in your unique password in the input box and click on OK button to save it.

Now note down the URL to access this system which is actually an internet IP.

Later on whenever you connect the device to internet, you can find it or lookup from your WiFi router's admin portal.

Open the on your Windows.

Download the relevant installer based on 64-bit / 32-bit processor.

Install it on your Windows system in Typical settings. You may refer this short video tutorial for this.

Open TightVNC Viewer app, enter just IP of the VNC URL of macOS to access the system.

Now click on Connect button to start accessing remote system via screen-sharing.

Finally, you just need to make sure that both the systems are over same LAN otherwise their IP's can be universally accessible.

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