Friday, June 29, 2018

Bash: How to uninstall custom go package via shell script?

The Go command line tool do not provide package cleaning option. At max it can remove object files and cached files which will remove executable file from bin folder and from pkg folder. But the source files would still be there.

So if you want to completely remove the package then you have to do it manually. Otherwise, create your own script to do this.  Alternatively, you can use below script. Just put it somewhere so that it could be globally accessible.

Here is a shell script that can completely clean the go package that you have installed by using go get <package> command.


#!/bin/env bash

goclean() {
    local pkg=$1; shift || return 1
    local ost
    local cnt
    local scr

    echo "Clean removes object files from package source directories (ignore error)"
    go clean -i $pkg

    echo "Set local variables"
    if [ "$(uname -m)" == "x86_64" ]; then

    echo "Delete the source directory and compiled package directory(ies)"
    if (("${#cnt}" == "2")); then
        rm -rf "${GOPATH%%:*}/src/${pkg%/*}"
        rm -rf "${GOPATH%%:*}/pkg/${ost}/${pkg%/*}"
    elif (("${#cnt}" > "2")); then
        rm -rf "${GOPATH%%:*}/src/${pkg%/*/*}"
        rm -rf "${GOPATH%%:*}/pkg/${ost}/${pkg%/*/*}"

    echo "Reload the current shell"
    if [ -e "~/.bashrc" ]; then 
        source ~/.bashrc
    elif [ -e "~/.bash_profile" ]; then 
        source ~/.bash_profile

if [[ "$1" == "" ]]; then 
    echo "Package name is missing!"
    goclean $1

exit 0


Save it in file named

$ sh

Alternatively, you can save it without extension as well like goclean. It would become more useful, if you would convert it into self-executable file.

$ chmod +x ./goclean 
$ goclean


Originally, I found this code at provided by ecwpz91 but that didn't worked properly on my MacOS. So I have tweaked it a little bit to suite my machine.

If you're using MacOS then it would work like charm but I haven't tried it on any Linux machine. So guys, if you find it working properly at Linux then let the readers know about it in Comment section of this article.

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