Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ved: We are living in Dwaparyuga and moving towards Tretayuga in 64 years

As per Sadhguru the duration of yugas are
  • Satyuga: 5184 years 
  • Tretayuga: 3888 years 
  • Dwaparyuga: 2592 years 
  • Kaliyuga: 1296 years

Since the Kaliyuga began after Lord Krishna's death that happened in 3102 BC. So Kaliyuga would be on peak at 1296 years after that, i.e., 1806 BC. After which it might declined and ended in 510 BC.

From there onward, Dwaparyuga began which is still going on and will end in 2082 AD, i.e., after 64 years from now.

Now I found it strange that nothing great is recorded in the duration of 3102-510 BC. In fact, researchers are suggesting that lot many natural calamities happened exactly 3800 years ago. Ironically that was the peak of Kaliyuga (Waxing crescent).

Although after the Kaliyuga (Waning crescent) in 510 BC, we heard about Alexandar The Great (356 to 323 BC), Chandragupta Maurya (321 to 298 BC), Ashoka the Great (268 to 232 BC), Jesus Christ (4 BC to 36 AD), etc.

All of them have contributed a lot and almost placed the foundation of the Dwaparyuga (Waning crescent).

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