Wednesday, September 11, 2013

To reduce pics size without reducing it's quality

Download the Google's Picasa from this link []

Follow these steps:
  1. Install Picasa on your system and follow the instruction while installation
  2. After installing, let it search for all the photos on your system
  3. When searching completes then look for your desired pics in Picasa 
  4. Select the pics that you want in reduced size
  5. Then press Cntrl+Shift+S or alternately FileExport Picture to folder ...
  6. Set the saving location etc in the opened popup
  7. Choose 'Resize to' option in the 'Image size' section
  8. Click on Export button to get the selected pics in reduced size
  9. Look for the reduced size pics in the folder where you set the saving location
  10. You are done!

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