Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Flash player doesn't render the flex code even after successful compilation

Let me tell you a scenario, where I was using Flash Develop for compiling flex project.

I've came back to this editor after long time. Meanwhile there are many new releases happened. In fact Adobe Flex 4.5 is now upgraded as Apache Flex 4.9. It seems a big difference.

So after setting up everything, it was time to check the basic 'Hello World' program.

And ... it compiles successfully but I see nothing on screen of flash player (debugger) even after it compiles without any error.

I thought what the hell they guys changed in the meantime.

Tried many tips and tricks but of no use.

Suddenly I noticed the flash player version in the ProjectPropertiesOutputPlatform section. Why is it set to flash player version 10.5? It should be set to latest by default. Anyways, I just changed it to the 11.7 and Yuppie.. it renders fine now.

Hence if you are using the version of flex sdk that came after the version of flash player you are using then you can face similar issue. So always keep track of flex sdk version and flash player version.

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