Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to Increase Import Size Limit in phpMyAdmin?

If you are reading this blog then probably you are facing the same issue that I had faced, i.e., how to import the sql-dump-file in the mysql where size of the sql-dump-file exceeds the maximum file size limit of phpMyAdmin.

I was having a sql-dump-file (got from client) that I need to import on my local database in mysql. The file size was 186 MB while the maximum size limit of phpMyAdmin was 8 MB. A BiG PrObLeM!

Then I searched on Google and found that, there are few tricks available to achieve this. Most of them are related to modifying the php.ini file as given below:
  1. Increase the upload_max_filesize limit.
  2. Increase the post_max_size limit.
  3. Increase the memory_limit limit. Though you can not go beyond 128M.
I tried it all. Unfortunately none of them worked for me. But fortunately, I had the full access of my server. So I did it via command-prompt. It is so simple and smooth, if you put all the paths correctly.

Let's see the process to solve our problem. Steps to follow:
  1. Find the location of mysql on the system.
  2. Go inside it's bin directory.
  3. Copy the path displaying in the address bar.
  4. Open the command-prompt.
  5. Change the directory in command-prompt to the directory in which mysql is installed.
  6. Type cd  then paste the path that we had copied and press Enter
  7. The prompt will show the path where mysql is installed. Verify that!
  8. Type mysql -u your_user -p your_database < dump_file.sql and press Enter. Here,
    • your_user is mysql username
    • your_database is the mysql database/schema
    • dump_file is the complete physical path of the sql-dump-file.
  9. Now enter mysql password, press Enter and wait ...
  10. If prompt appears, then your sql-dump-file is successfully uploaded. Otherwise, re-iterate the process.

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