Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to setup OpenMeetings?

Recently, I got a requirement for which I have to install an Apache OpenMeetings on the Windows 7 server. So here I am sharing some of my experience that could be beneficial for readers who may use it as notes or guidelines.

Apache OpenMeetings is a web-based application that is developed using OpenLaszlo and Red5 Media Server. Here, OpenLaszlo is alternate to flex-sdk that takes xml files as input, compile them and return swf as output; while Red5 Media Server is alternate to Flash Media Server or Adobe Media Server. That means, every bit of this product is open-source.

Now to start with, you need to download Apache OpenMeetings from here.

According to the Latest Official ReleaseApache OpenMeetings Incubating 2.0 comes integrated with Red5. So you won't have to download it separately. But they're saying that future release of OpenMeetings will be independent of Red5. Which means user would get the flexibility to use OpenMeetings with any Red5 version.

Note: You need to have JRE 6 for OpenMeetings v2.

After you have downloaded the zip/tar file, unpack it. Copy the OpenMeetings folder in a program folder or any other desired location. Then execute red5-debug.bat.

A command-prompt window will popup that will run the OpenMeetings. When OpenMeetings starts running successfully, then try to access this link http://localhost:5080/. If no error shows up that means Red5 is working fine. Now you can proceed towards installation of OpenMeetings via accessing this link http://localhost:5080/openmeetings/install. The OpenMeetings - Installation page will appear. Select the Continue with STEP 1 link. Fill up the form. Here you need to see if you have any email client available. If you don't have it then select No for the field New Users need to verify their EMail. Otherwise, you won't be able to register. Since there is no email client, no email will be send for verification and OpenMeetings won't allow new user without verification. So it will be a deadlock. To avoid this, you may follow as the snapshot given below.

After filling up the required or available fields in the form, scroll down at the bottom and click on the INSTALL button.

For the first time, it will few minutes to setup database for OpenMeetings. After which you'll see the OpenMeetings - Installation Complete! page. Now click on Enter the Application link to proceed.

Enter the username and password that you entered in the form to login as administrator. Click on the Sign in button to enter in the OpenMeetings.

Now you might want to customize it. So you can change atleast 2 things: 
  1. The favicon; that is located at ..\apache-openmeetings\webapps\openmeetings\favicon.ico, that you can replace. 
  2. The title; that can be changed by replacing the text inside config.xml which is located at  ..\apache-openmeetings\webapps\openmeetings\config.xml. So open this config.xml and search for currentappname tag. When you find this tag, then replace the text with your desired one.
I hope, this tutorial will save your time.


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  2. very good information. Can I install open meeting in debian 8 and what packages are needed?


    Cara Instalasi Ngninx Centos >

    1. Yes you can. Probably you should refer this link,

  3. I am having an issue where the webcam dropdown only has disabled as an option. Not able to choose my webcam. I had no install errors. Testing on localhost. Any help deeply appreciated.