Thursday, November 29, 2012

Allow full access to a local swf file

To allow full access to a local swf file, you need to follow these steps:
  1. Right click on flash player
  2. A vertical menu will appear
  3. Click on Global settings...
  4. A Flash Player Settings Manager will popup
  5. Go to Advanced tab
  6. Scroll down to Developer Tools section
  7. Click on Trusted Location Settings... button
  8. A Trusted Location Settings will popup
  9. Click on Add... button
  10. An Add Site will popup
  11. Click on Add Folder... button
  12. A Browse For Folder appears
  13. Select the required Drive/Folder
  14. Click on Ok button
  15. Browse For Folder disappears
  16. Click on Confirm button
  17. Add Site will disappear
  18. Click on Close button
  19. Trusted Location Settings will disappear
  20. Close the Flash Player Settings Manager popup

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