Tuesday, August 2, 2011

App: Gil_TextEditor

I was working on an e-learning project for Gujarat government. The whole content of the project was in Gujarati language. Since nobody in our team had Gujarati background, so it'd become hard to understand or modify the content. The content team, those who were creating the xml files from the requirement documents, were facing lots of time & difficulty while Gujarati content creation process. So I'd developed this tool for making the content developer's life easier.

Firstly, I'd analysed the problem, which were:
  • Manual content creation for XML takes a lot of time.
  • Symbols & Gujarati-text is being manually encoded that is error prone and time taking.
  • Manual encoding requires debugging many times to ensure correctness of encoded text.

Then, I looked for the worth of doing this, which were:
  • to speed-up the XML development  and debugging 
  • to increase accuracy
  • to ease the encoding of symbols

Finally, I had to convince my supervisor that how it fits with the business initiative and target:
  • by speeding-up the process of development & delivery
  • by cutting-back debugging cycle

At last, I got approval when I showed them the following calculation:
Total time saved = manual creation timecreation time using tool = 963.6 hours

Here, is that tool which made a big difference:

LinkProject Charter - Gil_TextEditor.pdf

  1. Copy and paste the gujrati translated text in the white box (editing area).
  2. Click on the white box once to view it's gujrati equivalent in grey box (display area).
  3. Select whole text in the white box.
  4. Click on the Process button to encode all the special characters ('<' and '>') that creates conflict in shell.
  5. Now edit the portion as required:
    • To change the portion in english - Select the portion of text and click on English button.
    • To change the portion in symbol - Select the portion of text and click on Symbol button.
    • To change the portion in sub/superscript - Select the portion of text and click on Sub/Super button repectively.
    • To change the portion into bold/italic/underline - Select the portion of text and click on Bold/Italic/Underline button respectively.

The 5 fonts embedded in this tool are given below:
  1. ArialMT for English characters
  2. LMG-Arun for Gujarati characters
  3. Symbol for symbols
  4. GG Subscript for subscripts
  5. GG Superscript for superscripts

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