Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Batch File - Bulk Renamer

Below is the batch-file code to systematically rename all the files present in the folder according to the given condition.

.: C.O.D.E :.

@echo off&set /a cnt=0
for %%a in (*.jpeg) do call :PROCESS "%%a"
goto :EOF
rename %1 "IMG_%cnt%.jpg"
set /a cnt+=1

.: S.T.E.P.S :.

Step-1: Open a Notepad.
Step-2: Copy the above code and paste it in Notepad.
Step-3: Save the file as "bulk_renamer.bat".
Step-4: Put the bulk_renamer.bat file inside the folder that is having the files which needs to be renamed.
Step-5: Run the bulk_renamer.bat file by double clicking on it.

Note: This batch-file should be present inside the folder where rest of the files that needs to be renamed are present.
Remark: Modify the script and condition as per your requirement.

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