Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Naming Conventions for common Team's File

Earlier, I'd posted an article Naming Conventions for Flash Designers. In continuation of that idea, here is another efficient way of doing the say job.

According to this method of naming convention, let us first understand how to make a tag.

The tag can be created as <name-intials><number-of-times>. Here name-initials contains the initials of the user's name and number-of-times contains the number of times the user has worked on that file. For example, AK1 for Abhishek Kumar worked for first time, DC5 for Dulani Chandni worked for fifth time, etc.

Now the creater first creates a file and name it as per the tag creation rule. Then another person works over the same file and he'd suffix his tag in the name of that file. Again the creater re-works over that file. This time creater would increment the number-of-times part in his tag-initials. Similarly any other person who'll work on this file will suffix his tag in the filename. So, the filename would have changed like AK1 > AK1DC1 > AK2DC1 > ...

Hence, this method is suitable to handle team's work over the top of another and keep track of latest version.

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