Sunday, August 29, 2010

Long trip over a bike

My younger cousin brother is crazy about bikes. Few weeks back he told me about his plan to visit his hometown. I said "Ok! What's the big deal?". Then he told me "over a bike". Since he is staying in Gurgaon while his hometown is Madhubani, which is around 1250 km from Gurgaon. So after listening this I was like "Oh My God! Are you sure?".

He was quite determined, so I asked about how he'll be going to execute this. But as I guessed he had no plan. Though his excitement was visible over Facebook, as he was asking for suggestions on his wall. Since nobody else has ever did this before, he wouldn't got much suggestion though everyone wished him luck.

Finally he included his friend in his trip. And I sighed as two can better care themselves.

As per their plan, in fact, no-plan they were gone over a trip and to my expectation they finished it well. As he called me about his exciting journey of 2 days. Though I knew they'll do it even though their was some fear like "What if ... ". So it was a big relief to listen the news of reaching safely.

Today I got his complete journey route with the exact time of arrival and departure. I thought it would be good to put it in a blog for reference.

So let's see how did he managed to achieve it.

He has TVS Apache bike.
So finally, 2 people and 1 bike. Quite fair!
They started their journey from Gurgaon at 1:00 pm, by filling Rs.600/- petrol in it.

At 5:00 pm they reached Mathura (140km). The bike was punctured there.
At 6:30 pm he reached Agra (200km). They did their bike servicing over there.

At 8:00 pm they left Agra and after filled petrol of Rs.600/-. Tank full!
At 8:30 pm they reached Tundla.
At 9:30 pm they reached Firozabad.
At 11:10 pm they had dinner at some dhaba in between.
At 3:45 am they reached Itawa.
At 4:45 am they reached Araiya.
At 8:15 am they reached Kanpur. They stayed there.
At 12:00 pm they reached Lucknow. Distance from Kanpur to Lucknow is 70km.
At 6:50 pm they reached Ayodhya. They bathed at Saryu ghat.
At 8:40 pm they reached Haraisa. They had to change their bike tube.
At 10:00 pm they reached dhaba in mid-way. They had dinner there.
At 11:30 pm they left that dhaba.

Until there they had traveled 800 km and reached some basti.
At 1:45 am they reached Gorakhpur (880 km). They stayed for 2 hours.

After 985 km they entered Bihar via Gopalganj.
At 9:00 am they reached Motihari (1080 km).
At 10:15 am they reached Kanti (1135km).
At 10:40 am they reached Muzaffarpur.
At 12:30 am they reached Darbhanga (1208km).
At 2:15 pm they reached MADHUBANI, their destination.

The total distance was 1248 km.
The total petrol cost Rs.1800/-.

Well, I personally think that it would be quite useful blue-print for others.
Anyway, I would like to have comments specially from the riders of long journeys.
So don't forget to put your comments or link of your blog of similar expedition.

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  1. precaution:once tyre puncture,then change the tube,otherwise puncture will occur more frequently.